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ZhiHang Electronics attend the HK and Canton Fair again

  In the 12th to16th,Oct,2013, HK Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) attract the buyer from all over the world, Exhibition Halls is bustling. Zhihang Electronics was the first to launch Android 2.3 navigation system in this industry, and always lead the trend of intelligent navigation. In the exhibition, Zhihang Electronics launch Android 4.0 navigation system and become the spotlight again. Moreover, the Zhihang Electronics brand HDMI HD video playback function has been more mature and famous, so attract a large number of buyers to consulting. Except continue to upgrade product performance, in the driving safety, Zhihang electronics also launch a variety of special car rear camera, our aim is to constantly improve the technology of car DVD navigation, and rich the car life to our driver.

Considering the perfect match of GPS navigation and the original car, Zhihang Electronics continues to increase research and development efforts. Now we has launched a variety of special new navigation, products have covered all line of  car serial and models. Now Zhihang Electronics has become one of the most professional and comprehensive manufacturers in car navigation field, product upgrading and capacity are among the forefront of industry

With the strong research strength, and science strategy, and also thanks to the quickly demand for car navigation system in the global market. ZhiHang electronic take the chance and develop rapidly in recent years, and has become well-known manufacturers of GPS navigation in the domestic and foreign. At the same time, in order to speed up the pace of enterprise growth, and win the development opportunities, Zhihang electronics pay close attention to open up the global market.


In15th to 19th Oct, 2013, Zhihang electronics attend the Autumn Canton Fair, continue to share her knowledge and achievements to global buyers.

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