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Zhihang shown a full range of products in Automotive World 2018


AUTOMOTIVE World is one of the largest automotive technology expositions, which is made up of automobile Technology Exhibition and Summit Technology Forum, which mainly covers automotive electronic technology, vehicle networking technology, EV/HEV/FCV technology, automobile lightweight technology, auto parts processing technology and other important fields.


As the leading enterprise in the field of vehicle navigation system in China, Zhihang from the early days of the establishment of the active layout of the global market, in a timely manner to adapt to the global automotive market changes and demand, independent innovation research and development intelligent navigation system, the use of the world's latest technology to continuously improve the functions to Meet the needs of consumers in different parts of the world.


With the focus on the development of automotive industry, Zhihang have a growing share in the global car market share, and gained a decent reputation. As an important step in the strategic layout of the whole market, this time, Zhihang carrying a variety of new products, the first appearance of the Japan AW show, show extraordinary strength.



S200 navigation system is launched and the best of our series


WINCA 200 series smart OS once again break the routine and fully updated. Using first class IPS hard screen lcd, full visual to broad your view, 178 degrees all-round reduction display, With 64-bit 8 core A53 Platform PX5 solution. More real colors, exquisite display, more extreme experience.


WINCA TPMS, A strong guarantee of perfect travel


To more comprehensively protect the safety of drivers, Winca launched a new TPMS tire pressure detection system. The Tire pressure detection system is divided into two ways: internal and external. Only a simple DIY installation, that can be perfect docking with the vehicle Navigator. always know the tire pressure and tire temperature condition in the course of driving, safety is clear.


New driving recorder, high definition double record



In this exhibition we also exhibited the latest travel recorder products, not only high-definition imaging, super Wide Angle, HD night vision, intelligent mobile detection, but also non-destructive installation, and Perfect match with WINCA vehicle navigator, Like the factory configuration. It can be automatically open video recording function when the car in parking mode, Clearly record the state of the vehicle, Retain evidence for all potential accidents, Record the wonderful moments of life and travel, enjoy the perfect car life.


The whole class product is high profile in the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD 2018. It is an important embodiment of Zhihang's active step towards the international stage. New High-tech Intelligent Navigation System, tire pressure detection system, intelligent high-definition traffic recorder, strive to create a perfect mobile car life, Become the model of internationalization and globalization of the automotive product brand in China.

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